Expand your smart home to your garden with LightwaveRF

Being able to control your outdoor electrics from anywhere will make your life easier. If you have landscape lighting for your garden, you can simply turn it on at the touch of a button from inside. You can also open things like garage doors and gates from your phone instead of having to get out of your car!

You also have the option of adding an outdoor switch to outside devices like pond pumps and gates to control them as normal. All switches are waterproof, so are completely safe to use outside.

If you’re worried about your Wi-Fi not reaching the switch or relay at the bottom of the garden, you can add the LightwaveRF signal booster which means you can still control your outdoor devices, even with a large garden or driveway.

If you have any questions or need any advice about the outdoor LightwaveRF range, give Mr. Electric a call!